Blackjack Strategy

Some may say that blackjack is a game of luck because the house edge or casino advantage is in the casinos favor. This means that over any given period of time, the casino should win in the long run. However, with a little proper strategy you can bring the house edge down to one of the lowest ratios available. A good Blackjack player doesn't "feel" his or her hand and always follows the basic laws of math to make sure they take advantage of any edge possible.

Math doesn't lie and when you have set number of cards and a set number of combinations those cards can yield, you MUST follow the math. We have put together a spreadsheet showing the action you should take given the cards you and the dealer are dealt.

After thousands of computer simulated hands we have determined when to hit, when to stand, when to double and when to split. Follow this strategy and you will see your advantage improve dramatically at the Blackjack tables. While even with this recommended strategy, the house still holds the edge, but you can find yourself running longer winning steaks in blackjack and through doubling down and splitting can actually bring the house edge down to 0.4%.

Be sure to see a progressive betting strategy where you will maximize your profits by using the below chart. When using a progressive betting system be sure you are playing at a High Limit Blackjack table so you can win the maximum amount.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

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Using the Strategy Chart

Use the above blackjack strategy chart to know when the odds say to stand, hit, split, double or surrender for both USA online blackjack and traditional blackjack at brick and mortar casinos. You will be amazed at the winning streaks you are able to accomplish by using this simple strategy chart. Be sure to use a progressive betting strategy to maximize your winnings. If you bet the same amount every hand, in the long run you will lose money even using this chart. The strategy lowers the house edge but it can not be eliminated. When you get on a winning streak that is when you have to bet big to win big.

Most land based casinos will allow to carry such a chart and reference it at the table as long as you do it discreetly. After you play long enough you will have the strategy memorized for the most part anyway and will only have to look at it from time to time. Play by the above recommendations and watch you Blackjack profits improve.

Test Your Strategy at the Best USA Blackjack Casinos

Use the above blackjack strategy chart at the best USA online blackjack casinos. Use any of the below online casinos and find a great selection of blackjack tables and test out your strategy. When you win you can be confident you will receive your winnings timely from these casinos. These are the best of the best and very reputable and trustworthy.

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