Super 21 Blackjack

You have probably seen the blackjack variation called Super 21 at online casinos. If you didn't know how to play Super 21 and want to learn to play the game, see below. Then use any of the below USA online blackjack casinos to play Super 21 online.

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The BetOnline Casino is our best USA blackjack casino and that is true also for playing online Super 21. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and is one of the most respected online gaming companies available. BetOnline has always accepted USA players and does a great job getting USA deposits approved including credit cards. If you want to play Super 21 online, we highly recommend the BetOnline Casino.

About Super 21

Super 21 is a blackjack variation offered mainly by online casinos. The game starts just like regular blackjack with the player and dealer receiving two cards. The players cards are dealt up and the dealer has 1 card up and 1 card down.

What Makes Super 21 Different?

There are several differences between playing regular blackjack and Super 21:

  • Automatically Win if you are dealt 6 Cards without busting regardless of what the Dealer has
  • Make 21 with 5 cards or more and your Winnings are Doubled
  • Player Blackjack Always Wins even if the Dealer Has Blackjack
  • Split a single hand up to 4 Times
  • Double Down at any Point, not just after the first two cards
  • Blackjack Pays Even Money

The main differences between classic Blackjack and Super 21 Blackjack is the ability to double down at any time regardless of how many cards you have and that when you as the player are dealt a Blackjack, it always wins. Other bonuses for playing Super 21 include that if you hit and have 6 cards in front of you without busting you automatically win. This use to be called "Five Card Charlie" but now it is "6 Card Charlie" we guess!. You win regardless of what your total is and it doesn't matter even if the dealer has 21.

Another nice feature in Super 21 is that if you get to 21 with 5 cards or more your winnings double. While it may sound hard to do it isn't as rare as it may seem. Be dealt an Ace and have a "soft hand" and hitting to 5 cards is pretty easy. Another variation and feature in Super 21 is being able to split a single hand up to 4 times. When playing Blackjack you make most of your money by doubling down and splitting. In Super 21 splitting is easy and the fact you can double down at any time makes it more lucrative. Splitting 3's and 4's just became more popular because there is a better chance you will have the opportunity to double down with three cards.

Use any of the above USA friendly blackjack sites to play Super 21 online. Be sure to claim your bonus and also see our Blackjack Strategy section for tips and hints for playing profitable Blackjack.

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