Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 or Spanish Blackjack is popular at land based casinos but hard to find online. It is very similar to traditional blackjack with just a few twists. BetOnline is the only USA online blackjack casino to offer Spanish 21. As more USA online casinos offer Spanish 21 we will list them here.

Play Spanish 21 Online at These USA Casinos


The BetOnline Casino is our top choice for playing Spanish 21 online. In fact they are the only USA online casino we recommend for Spanish 21 but BetOnline is a great USA online casino. In fact they are our best USA blackjack casino with great USA deposit and withdraw options as well as a solid history of fair play and fast payouts. BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and you never need to worry whether your money is safe at BetOnline because it is. Play Spanish 21 online from the USA at BetOnline and also enjoy a full suite of online casino games, slots and video poker machines.

About Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a blackjack variation offered at both online casinos and brick and mortar casinos. The game starts just like regular blackjack with the player and dealer receiving two cards. The players cards are dealt up and the dealer has 1 card up and 1 card down. House odds are actually lower on Spanish 21 than traditional blackjack if the dealer stands on all 17's. For this reason we believe many USA online casino do not Spanish 21. BetOnline is our only USA online casino where you can play, but BetOnline is one of our highest recommended USA online casinos.

What Makes Spanish 21 Different?

There are several differences between playing regular blackjack and Spanish 21:

  • Spanish 21 is played with a 48 card deck because all four of 10's are removed
  • Player Blackjack Always Wins even if the Dealer Has Blackjack and has 3-2 odds
  • You can draw as many cards as you like after Splitting Aces. You can even split Aces up to 4 times.
  • Double Down after any number of cards
  • Some casinos allow a double double down. Meaning you can double, receive a card and double again.
  • Surrender is allowed after Doubling Down
  • Make 21 with any number of cards and you always win
  • Odds are received for drawing to 21 (see below)

Playing Spanish 21

One thing to consider when playing Spanish 21 is that since the 10's are removed the Dealer (and yourself) will get blackjack less. Because the Dealer has less of a chance to hit Blackjack we recommend not buying insurance if the dealer has an Ace up. There is only a 25% the dealer will have blackjack and insurance only pays 2-1. For true odds insurance should pay 3-1 so this is a sucker bet - avoid it! Plus you always win if you have blackjack so there is no reason to even try to get even odds

If you draw to 21 with 5 cards or more receive odds on your bet. Draw 5 cards to 21 and receive 3-2, a 6 card 21 pays 2-1 and 7 cards or more pays 3-1. Draw to 21 with your cards being 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 and receive 3-2 odds if the cards are of mixed suit. If they are the same suit receive 2-1 odds and spades pay 3-1.

As you can see Spanish 21 is similar to regular blackjack but there a lot of hands that can pay you odds. If properly played the house edge is lower in Spanish 21 as long as the dealer must stand on all 17's. For this reason many USA online casinos do not offer Spanish 21 but BetOnline is one the best online casinos available and offers Spanish 21 as well as many other great features. See BetOnline Blackjack review and play Spanish 21 online.

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