Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon is similar to Spanish 21 where all 10's are removed from the deck. Pontoon has a lower house edge than traditional blackjack and Spanish 21. See below USA online blackjack casinos that offer Pontoon and also how to play Pontoon.

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About Pontoon

In Pontoon the Players has two cards dealt to them but like in European Blackjack the dealer does not draw a hole card until after the players hand is complete. Pontoon has the same goal of getting as close to 21 without going over. Because the dealer does not take a second card, if a player draws to 21 the player always wins even if the dealer pulls Blackjack. The Dealer always hits soft 21 unlike Spanish 21.

What Makes Pontoon Different?

There are several differences between playing regular blackjack and Pontoon:

  • Pontoon is played with a 48 card deck because all four of 10's are removed
  • Always win if you draw to 21 or receive Blackjack
  • Surrender is available against an Ace or face card
  • Double Down after any number of cards
  • Drawing on Split Aces are not allowed
  • Make 21 with any number of cards and you always win
  • Odds are received for drawing to 21 (see below)

Odds for Drawing to 21

  • Draw to 21 with 678 or 777 and receive 3-2 odds
  • Draw to 21 with 678 or 777 of the same suit and receive 2-1
  • If all cards are spades receive 3-1 odds.

Playing Pontoon

The house edge is lowered because the player always wins if he he or she gets Blackjack or draws to 21. There is an optimal strategy to use playing Pontoon and should be followed to optimize your winnings.

Play Pontoon at any of the above recommended online casinos that offer Pontoon. Be sure to claim your bonus and also see our Strategy section for tips and hints for playing profitable Blackjack either online or at traditional casinos.

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